FreeFlow Capsule | About Us
FreeFlow Capsule is a highly recommended natural fertility capsule for couples trying to achieve pregnancy. FreeFlow is used & trusted by over 50,000 couples across Africa.
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About Us

Greenpower Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of quality natural wellness products geared towards helping millions of Africans achieve total wellness using 100% natural formulas since 2011.


Throughout our history we have built trust by staying closer to our consumers and developing innovative natural wellness brands that are tailored to the needs of our consumers. We are an African family with one focus: helping you achieve good health everyday. As we prepare for the future, we are working towards becoming Africa’s No. 1 Natural Wellness products manufacturer.


Natural Wellness is Everything to us

Our passion for natural wellness is what drives us and makes us stand out. Our innovative brands and natural wellness products are highly recommended by healthcare professionals& friends and are trusted by consumers both locally and globally.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Centered
  • Innovation Driven
  • Excellence
  • 100% Quality


Our Mission

Solving Africa’s pressing health challenges using 100% organic ingredients.